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Pure chemical elements

Lignosulfonat of sodium of Borrespers ON Borresperse NA
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Lignosulfonat of Borresperse Na sodium of production of the Borregaard company, Norway. Brown, soluble powder in water, rn 8,3, the content of saccharites - 1%, insoluble substances - 0,3%. Scopes: dispersant for textile dyes, agrochemical, industrial cleaners and water purification, concrete...
Group: Sodium lignosulphonate
Lignosulfonat of Borrement CA calcium of Borrement Ca
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Lignosulfonat of calcium of production of the Borregaard company, Norway, in the form of korichny easily soluble powder in water. It is applied in production of gypsum cardboard, concrete, a brick, ceramics and pesticides.
Group: Calcium lignosulfonate
Lignobond DD Lignobond DD
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LIGNOBOND DD - 100% lignosulfonat calcium. The compound feed containing fat substances is especially effective in production of the granules containing a large number of by-products such as grain with soluble substances (DDGS), or. Improves the hardness of granules, and also is ideally suited...
Group: Calcium lignosulfonate


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